Sunday, 26 September 2021

Hello, Lovelies! Come in, let's chat...

Hello, Lovely Readers! Come in, let's chat... 

I wanted to show you these fabulous fridge magnets of The Mersey Mistress and The Mersey Angels. Two of my novels published this year that are currently in the best-selling category of Historical Sagas on Amazon, which I am thrilled about. I am also working on the idea of a third novel in this series, so watch this space.

Also, drum roll please, you will be pleased to hear, the long awaited third novel of the Reckoner's Row series, The Mersey Mothers, will be out in Spring 2022, where we catch up with all our favourite characters in 1953. Not only is it the year of The Queen's Coronation but also the residents of the Liverpool dockside row are looking forward to the forthcoming wedding of Evie Kilgaren and Danny Harris. But the road to happy matrimony is bumpy and not everything is as it seems. Will Evie make it down the aisle?

I'm looking forward to bringing you more news soon, and also, I am going to be sending out a few giveaways. So keep your eyes peeled. I would love to hear which of my books you liked best, but until then... Happy Reading, Lovelies!

Love and best wishes, 💖

Sheila xx 



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