Wednesday, 30 September 2020

As the nights draw in...

 Hello, Lovelies!

This week I am chatting with the lovely Arabella Sheen on her blog about The Mersey Girls and some things writerly, so if you fancy having a gander just follow the link  

I love this time of year when the nights are drawing in, and you can snuggle down and listen to or read a wonderful book. Being a curious person, I love to delve into an autobiography. Just lately I have been reading Paul O'Grady's fabulous book Open The Cage Murphy, which is both hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure. His voice just sings off the page.

Also, I love to listen to books and podcasts as I go about my daily deeds and, depending on what mood I'm in, I am never disappointed. This week I've been listening to This Sceptered Isle, which is a history of 20th century Britain, which I've been listening to mainly for research. 

Also, I've been exploring the wonderful Frenchman's Creek by Daphne du Maurier, narrated by John Castle, whose rich expressive voice sets the perfect tone, and transports me to the rugged Cornwall coast during the reign of Charles II. I am thoroughly enjoying the story of a love affair between the impulsive Lady St. Columb and a French Pirate. Fab! 

But it's not all relaxing and reading in my little bubble, I still have editing to do. 

I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy week. 

Tara for now.

Sheila :) x



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