Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Heart Will Go On to Albert Dock

This is Albert Dock where I went to research my latest novel, working title The Heart Will Go On. I loved walking through history to get a sense of the life my characters lived in 1910.

 Set in the thriving Liverpool port, the story tells how the lives of sixteen year old Anna Cassidy, and her thirteen year old brother, Sam, are changed forever when tragedy strikes their home on Christmas Eve.

 I found this glorious 'house', inside the Liverpool museum. It showed how people once lived - complete with outside privy, the midden and pestiferous rats... Oh dear!

But not all is doom and gloom! Lifelong friendships are forged. Love is only a heartbeat away and Memories are something that cannot be stolen or replaced.

As this story is set in a different era to the Empire Street novels, I will not use the Annie Groves pen name, but I do hope you like it as much.

I will keep you updated on what happens next, as soon as possible. Meanwhile, have a look at the blog (below). I posted it just before Christmas last year, and was written for the North West libraries Time To Read competition, which I won in 2010. Although it is a very shot piece, it got me thinking what if... That is when I came up with the idea for The Heart Will Go On.

Happy reading,
Sheila :) xx