Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Welcome to my world

Hello there,
Welcome to the world of Annie Groves, bestselling saga writer and pen name of Sheila Riley who inherited the pseudonym after the sad death of bestselling author Penny Halsall.

I have just completed two of a four-book series of Merseyside sagas set in one of the most dangerous places to live at that time. Dockside Bootle during World War Two was no place for the faint of heart. It was a place where people lived, loved and balled their fists at the enemy, where courage was the order of the day and a leonine spirit was commonplace.

The first; Child of the Mersey, tells the story of one street, two women and a war that will tear them apart. It is in the shops now and has received very good five star reviews on Amazon, which I am thrilled about as you can imagine.

The second book is entitled Christmas on the Mersey, out in October 2014 and continues with the everyday lives of the Empire Street residents and their struggle to get through the war in one piece. Life is not all doom and gloom and tears, though, there are many laughs along the way and, hopefully, when you reach the end of the story you will be dying to know what happens next... So I must get one and write it.

I hope you enjoy my page and as I progress I will add more detail...
Much love to you all and thanks for reading xx