Sunday, 11 August 2013

I've had one of those weeks where, no matter what I try to do, the project I need to finish is always a little bit further out of reach than I anticipated. I have been beavering away on my the first book in my new series as well as researching - did I tell you I adore researching? Also I've been trying to find a bit of 'me' time too, however, it is also school holidays and I have grandchildren who love to come and see me - I know, how lucky am I?

The thing is, children, and necessary creative time, do not mix so this week has ran away from me - I did think of telling the mothers - two, that I was going on holiday - I must edit!!!! But when I thought of the angelic little faces and saw the expectant look of excitement on the face of my knight-in-rusty-armour and decided to do my edits in the wee small hours when everybody is sleeping.

I know, I am a martyr to my art and a fool to my grandchildren who can wrap me around their cute little fingers - I draw the line at taking them on holiday though. Brrrrr!!