Sunday, 21 July 2013

Forgot to say...

I bet you are all dying to know how my trip to the palace went? Sadly, it didn't. On doctor's advice I had to stay home. Here's what happened, a short while ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a really nasty ache in my shoulder, thinking I'd been in a draught or had twisted it I got up and had a walk around but it didn't work and I had to take pain killers. Anyway, long story short, I put up with the pain for two days but to no avail.

Now, being the level headed type I had a mad panic, and thinking I was having a heart attack, because I couldn't take a deep breath and my arm grew very heavy, the knight-in-rusty-armour drove me to A and E sharpish after I had voiced my worries. They later gave me the news my diaphragm had collapsed on one side and the other side had lodged in my lung - scary. I was kept in hospital for a week with this unusual occurrence and as I wasn't quite strong enough to travel I had to miss out on the trip I had been so looking forward to. However, I have now been given a brand new (although not shiny) ventilator to sleep with - oh the excitement - I look like Mrs Darth Vader! But at least I can breath easier now, which is such a relief.

But, every cloud... I have now been told by my agent that I have been offered a new four-book deal! So I'd better crack on - work to do.
It's turned very dull today - 'be off with you clouds, if you're not going to rain and water my flowers you are no use here. Don't hang around now...Take a hike and allow our sun to shine.'

Oh that's better, had to get that off my chest. All those killjoys who prayed for the sun to cool, appear to have got their own way - again. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a sun worshipper - I don't follow it around the garden like a lovesick sun groupie - being a red-head with fair skin I don't even sun-bathe but the beam does cheer me up no end. Hey ho, maybe later - or tomorrow.