Thursday, 2 May 2013

Where does time go?

Hi Peeps,

Where does the time go I ask myself - often! Just finished writing my second Annie Groves saga; A Christmas Promise, which will be published by Harper Collins in October 2013. It is the fifth and final novel in the Article Row series; which was originally created by Penny Halsall.

As I left the characters celebrating at the end of World War Two, I imagined how Penny would have felt to write The End and I think (whispers it softly) she would have been pleased with the outcome of her wonderful London Belles.

However, I am now busy gathering information for my next series amid the dust and rubble of a kitchen refurbishment and I ask myself some very searching questions - but the biggest of the lot is - why do my 60 minute makeovers always turn into a DIY SOS?

I go through the magazines that show moody kitchens and I imagine myself conjuring dishes worthy of Master chef as I glide around amid glossy, spacious, pristine units and accessories? Then I realise why I write books - because I have such a good imagination!

What I don't have is a husband who can fit a cupboard door, not to mention fit a kitchen - even though he swears he can and I invariably agree - and then find out once again that we have to call in the professionals. But he does try, my chap - and you can't blame him for that.

Anyway, enough of my domestic dramas, of which there are usually many, and back to those of my characters. I'm much happier when the stressful stuff is happening to somebody else.


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