Sunday, 11 August 2013

I've had one of those weeks where, no matter what I try to do, the project I need to finish is always a little bit further out of reach than I anticipated. I have been beavering away on my the first book in my new series as well as researching - did I tell you I adore researching? Also I've been trying to find a bit of 'me' time too, however, it is also school holidays and I have grandchildren who love to come and see me - I know, how lucky am I?

The thing is, children, and necessary creative time, do not mix so this week has ran away from me - I did think of telling the mothers - two, that I was going on holiday - I must edit!!!! But when I thought of the angelic little faces and saw the expectant look of excitement on the face of my knight-in-rusty-armour and decided to do my edits in the wee small hours when everybody is sleeping.

I know, I am a martyr to my art and a fool to my grandchildren who can wrap me around their cute little fingers - I draw the line at taking them on holiday though. Brrrrr!!


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Forgot to say...

I bet you are all dying to know how my trip to the palace went? Sadly, it didn't. On doctor's advice I had to stay home. Here's what happened, a short while ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a really nasty ache in my shoulder, thinking I'd been in a draught or had twisted it I got up and had a walk around but it didn't work and I had to take pain killers. Anyway, long story short, I put up with the pain for two days but to no avail.

Now, being the level headed type I had a mad panic, and thinking I was having a heart attack, because I couldn't take a deep breath and my arm grew very heavy, the knight-in-rusty-armour drove me to A and E sharpish after I had voiced my worries. They later gave me the news my diaphragm had collapsed on one side and the other side had lodged in my lung - scary. I was kept in hospital for a week with this unusual occurrence and as I wasn't quite strong enough to travel I had to miss out on the trip I had been so looking forward to. However, I have now been given a brand new (although not shiny) ventilator to sleep with - oh the excitement - I look like Mrs Darth Vader! But at least I can breath easier now, which is such a relief.

But, every cloud... I have now been told by my agent that I have been offered a new four-book deal! So I'd better crack on - work to do.
It's turned very dull today - 'be off with you clouds, if you're not going to rain and water my flowers you are no use here. Don't hang around now...Take a hike and allow our sun to shine.'

Oh that's better, had to get that off my chest. All those killjoys who prayed for the sun to cool, appear to have got their own way - again. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a sun worshipper - I don't follow it around the garden like a lovesick sun groupie - being a red-head with fair skin I don't even sun-bathe but the beam does cheer me up no end. Hey ho, maybe later - or tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Guess who's off to the palace? Only little me! I've been invited by my publisher, who has their annual summer bash in posh places. The invitation came last week. It is gorgeous and after the event I am going to put it in a frame and hang it on the wall.

Who'd have thought it? Certainly not me. It's like having someone else's dream. Whoop whoop!
There is only one thing that really bothers me though, and that is walking in alone - I've never been anywhere by myself before. Then there is the clothes - what to wear? Do I go posh or casual?

Oh my word! High heels or sandals? Comfy or Hi-design? Shall I get my knight-in-rusty-armour to drop me off at the gate and pick me up afterwards? That sounds like the right thing to do. Yes, I'll do that. Oh the trials and tribulations of being an author.

Wouldn't swap it for the world!
TTFN. xx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Where does time go?

Hi Peeps,

Where does the time go I ask myself - often! Just finished writing my second Annie Groves saga; A Christmas Promise, which will be published by Harper Collins in October 2013. It is the fifth and final novel in the Article Row series; which was originally created by Penny Halsall.

As I left the characters celebrating at the end of World War Two, I imagined how Penny would have felt to write The End and I think (whispers it softly) she would have been pleased with the outcome of her wonderful London Belles.

However, I am now busy gathering information for my next series amid the dust and rubble of a kitchen refurbishment and I ask myself some very searching questions - but the biggest of the lot is - why do my 60 minute makeovers always turn into a DIY SOS?

I go through the magazines that show moody kitchens and I imagine myself conjuring dishes worthy of Master chef as I glide around amid glossy, spacious, pristine units and accessories? Then I realise why I write books - because I have such a good imagination!

What I don't have is a husband who can fit a cupboard door, not to mention fit a kitchen - even though he swears he can and I invariably agree - and then find out once again that we have to call in the professionals. But he does try, my chap - and you can't blame him for that.

Anyway, enough of my domestic dramas, of which there are usually many, and back to those of my characters. I'm much happier when the stressful stuff is happening to somebody else.


Sunday, 10 March 2013


ONLY A MOTHER KNOWS is a team effort and could not have been finished without Kate Bradley, Susan Opie the Harper Collins team and my lovely agent Teresa Chris - it has a wonderful three and a half page Forward dedicated to Penny Halsall who began the WW2 Article Row series and who, tragically, did not live to see it finished.

I was honoured to be invited to complete the series in Annie Groves name and I hope you enjoy the fourth in the series of five second world war sagas when it comes out on the 14th as much as I enjoyed working on it.  


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Well, it has happened! My new novel entitled Only A Mother Knows, published by Harper Collins under the pen name of Annie Groves is in the shops on 14th March
And I've just discovered how to insert pictures onto my blog - whoooppppeee!
Watch this space
ta ta for now