Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Community Jubilee Spirit

Hello all,

                 A few houses in our street had a little celebration in honour of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was one of those spare-of-the moment occasions that happened quite by accident. It wasn't planned for months in advance and it hadn't been highly organised, but everybody had a great time!

It came about when I was watering my front garden and a neighbour happened to be passing and mentioned that things ain't like they used to be.

I agreed; it was such a shame nobody was doing anything in honour of the occasion, then it struck us that if nobody else was doing something then maybe we should - the day before the bank holiday!

So we decided to put bunting and flags on our own houses and hey presto, others came out and asked if there was going to be a party. We said we would put a table on the field opposite and someone offered a bouncy castle for the kids, we supplied our own food in true nineteen fifties style (there was some wonderful stuff as, I suspect, neighbours tried to outdo each other in the culinary department.)

The food was superb and the music supplied by speakers on a window ledge - somebody rigged up a tarpaulin and water slide on the small hill and the adults joined in too, re-living their 1952 youth.

By dusk the tables were cleared away the slide had been put back in the shed and neighbours who hadn't said much more than 'Good morning...' were deep in conversation with other neighbours.

Everybody agreed that we didn't need to save for months and organise committees to spend money on stuff nobody liked-  and most of all, the water slide - complete with shower gel bubbles and the kids favourite past-time that didn't cost a fortune (the bouncy castle stood neglected on another part of the field)

 A great day all round. New friendships were made. The flags are still up, and we've got another day to get over it. Yahay!