Saturday, 17 March 2012

Stick to what you know

Good morning, and how are you this fine spring morning?

 I finished the edits sent to me and they have now yo yo'ed back to the agent to peruse when she has edited the three in front of me {{{{{

I have started on the first draft of my next story, which wasn't difficult as I had compiled a lot of info as well as rough notes ages ago and put it into a folder called DropBox, the on line folder you can access from any computer and is great for storing stuff you don't need right now.

Another storage place I find useful is One Note and this week I found an interesting article in Writer's Magazine about a programme called Scrivener. It gives you Manuscript templates as well as Screenwriting, and lots of other stuff I've been playing around with.

As I am not the quickest off the mark were techno stuff is concerned, I have taken up the thirty day free trial to see if it suits me as I have spent an absolute fortune an writing accessories in the past that are now gathering dust somewhere.

I bought speech to text when I discovered constant typing played havoc with the arthritis in my hands - that got lashed, I didn't have the patience to keep correcting the words. Him indoors bought me a pen thingy that writes straight on to the PC - infuriatingly slow, it went to live at the back of a cupboard.

I may give it to one of the little'ns, no doubt they'll have loads of fun with it.

For now though, I will stick with what I know best, a pen and writing pad, or even an old fashioned Dictaphone, and then put the work on the PC. I know these things so well.


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