Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day

I am just having a little rest before the gang descend for Mother's Day lunch, which I will prepare, cook, dish out and...Whoa, I stop short of washing the pots - I shall leave that to the two other mums who will be here helping me celebrate; my daughter - mum of three, and my daughter in law - mum of two.

These two beautiful women are very good at delegating so the dish washing will go to mum's of the future, my granddaughters who have a long way to go before settling down (me hopes) but are just the right age and height for a bit of dish washing duty.

Today, as every day, I will think of my own mum whose hand I held as her great big heart beat its last.

We were alone, which was the way she would have wanted it - being the mother of seven of us the house had been busy all week with people coming and going, but that particular night I went into her bedroom and sat beside her bed just holding her hand.

She had been unconscious for two days but I knew she could hear me. I stroked her fingers and watched as she fought every breath.. I couldn't bear to see her struggle and leaned over and whispered;
   'it's okay now Mum, you go, I'll look after the little ones.' It was something I'd said many a time being the eldest. And as I sat up the corners of her mouth lifted, just a little, and she sighed her last.

I hope she's having a great day up in heaven with all the other mums xxx

Just one last word, I remembered one Mother's Day when she received seven boxes of chocolates and seven bouquets of flowers - great minds...

Ta Ta

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