Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hello all,
Last night I joined a very friendly writer's group who gather to give feedback, encouragement and share knowledge gleaned from their own experiences. It is a small group, but out of little acorns...

I think all writers, whether published or unpublished, should join these groups. We are all at different stages in our writing and not only does it keep the published writer grounded it gives an unpublished writer a much needed audience who can evaluate as well as appreciate their work.

Writing can be a lonely business, that is not to say all writers are lonely - they aren't, but a writer can live in a houseful of lovely people who have no interest whatsoever in a dangling participle or the structure of a sentence, paragraph, chapter or story and that is where writer's groups are invaluable.

I have joined others and for various reasons, be it the group has folded or the venue has closed, I have gone on to other groups. But I have gained many friends along the writing pathway and I think this group is a keeper.

So don't stay at home and slave over words that may never see the light of day, join a writer's group and give your words a good airing.

TTFN :-)

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