Wednesday, 1 February 2012

And another thing...

Just  to let you know what I'm up to writing-wise at the moment, first of all, I received an e-mail from the agent to whom I sent the manuscript and was pleasantly surprised with her reply.

No, she didn't say there was a queue of publishing houses fighting for the right to publish the thing, but she did say she would like to introduce me to a friend of hers who is a very reputable editor, now working freelance, with whom she had worked in one of the bigger publishing houses.

She said she felt my work deserved this attention and I was happy to be introduced especially when the editor said she would be delighted to read my work.

So now the mss is in the hands of the Gods and the editor (one and the same I hear you say) and I will have to be patient, wait, and see how it goes. I will get on with the next work in progress to try and take my mind off the one sent. Did I tell you what it is called? Oh well, maybe next time.

Love to all, ta ta

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