Thursday, 3 May 2012

To plot or not to plot

What is a plot? The very heavy Cassell Concise Dictionary I have in my possession explains thus:
3) a complicated plan, scheme or stratagem: a conspiracy.
4) The plan or skeleton of the story in a play, novel etc.
5) Graphic representation.

It says a lot more, but these three things are related in a way that sparked my imagination.

So what? You say.

Well, I don't want my imagination sparked at this moment in time thank you very much. I have enough to be getting on with...However, I thought I would do a rough sketch, not quite a plot, in case I needed a story line in future, sort-of-thing.

Then I decided I'd do a little character sketch of the main protagonists, then, when the profiles were indexed and filed I decided to do a rough first chapter. And a story began to form so I wrote a bit more... and I didn't want to! I don't need this story yet! I am in the middle of something else - an historical if you please and now this new, contemporary, upstart is muscling in and it is so exciting.

I love a good conflict, me. But I digress, this isn't the post I meant to write...I got distracted...

I was going to write a piece about plotting, whether it is a good thing or not, however, I think, no matter what you choose to do you should just write write write and if something valuable comes of it - way-hay!!!

Next time I may even write about other that's another tale altogether.
Ta Ta For Now

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